Yacht Management Service

Why choose Coast Marine, Inc. for its’ Yacht Management services?
 You can spend less time on the dock and more time out on your boat!  We ensure that your boat is ready to use whenever you want to.  There is no hassle of preparation or maintenance.  We have the latest knowledge and great attention to detail to take care of your boat when you can’t be there.  We are trained professionals with the latest equipment who will make it easier on you, let us help you save your precious time and money! 

What kind of Yacht Management plans do you offer?
We have several different plans depending on your needs.  You can choose a Monthly Plan, Bi-Monthly Plan, or Quarterly Plan.

  • Cleaning and Detailing of entire vessel.
  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Commissioning.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Service.
  • Warranty issues and Troubleshooting.
  • Project Management and Consulting.
  • Routine Inspections.

Inspection Overview:

  • Mufflers and Hoses: Checking for any leaks, clamps will be secured and tightened as necessary.  Visually inspect both muffler and exhaust hoses.
  • Through-Hull Fittings, Seacocks, and Valves:  Check all accessible through-hull fittings above and below waterline.  Check hose clamps and fittings for any leaks, and secure as necessary.  Check seacock and exercise the valves to see if they are opening and closing properly.
  • Cooling System: Check the condition and for any leaks of cooling hoses, inspect clamps and secure if necessary.  Check coolant level in the cooling system and overflow tank and add water if necessary.
  • Fuel System Maintenance: Check primary water separating filter for water and contamination, as well as fuel filter cap for sealing properly and fuel leaks.
  • Fuel Lines: Check that fuel lines are USCG Approved and are in proper condition.
  • Engine Oil and Transmission:  Check engine and transmission oil levels and add as necessary, and for any leaks or contamination.
  • Battery and Charging: Check battery water level and service as needed, and charging indicator as appropriate.
  • Shift and Throttle: Check throttle and shift connections, along with cables or hydraulic lines if accessible.
  • Start and Run Engines: Bring engines up to operating temperature, exercise shifting and engaging transmission in reverse and forward.  Check RPM for idle and wide open throttle in neutral and make any necessary adjustments.  Check over engines in general.
  • Inspection Report: A detailed inspection report including all the above information will be provided, detailing to you the overall condition and any necessary repairs required to your boat.

Detailed Inspections Preformed:

  • Engine oil level and condition
  • Outdrive/Transmission oil level and condition
  • Coolant level and condition
  • Coolant recovery tank level
  • Exercise seacock
  • Seawater strainer
  • V-Belt tension and condition
  • Fuel filter for leaks
  • Water hoses and clamps
  • Muffler hose
  • Exhaust hose
  • Fuel filter cap
  • Air intake cleaner
  • Battery Condition/Electrolyte Level
  • Charging system
  • Battery cables and connections
  • Check shift, throttle and Exercise
  • Starting ease
  • Idle speed RPM
  • Instrument panel
  • Power steering/Hydraulic steering fluid level
  • Trim tabs fluid level
  • Oil pressure gauge
  • Water temperature gauge
  • Exhaust/overboard water

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